Southwest annual report

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southwest annual report

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To access the 2015 tri national Analysis, including local data and analyses, visit information on facility efforts to reduce toxic chemical releases is available at www. Community foundation for southwest Washington 2015 Annual Report. Our year in review, a passion for Place, places have an untold influence on people. Whether its an alma mater or a city that you hold dear, our settings tend to become a part. In that way, they also set us apart. We come to define ourselves through places of worship, hometowns and neighborhoods. Each has a unique set of people, customs and stories that create a sense of belonging and our notion of home.

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For detailed cnmi information and the top facilities, please visit:. Gov, guam : A total of ten facilities reported 467,000 pounds of toxic chemical releases during 2015. Naval Base guams Apra harbor wastewater plant and guam Power Authority, an electric generation utility, were the top two facilities for on-site and off-site releases. For detailed guam information and the list of the top facilities, please visit:. Epa, states, and tribes receive tri data annually from facilities in industry sectors such as manufacturing, metal mining, electric utilities, and commercial hazardous waste management. Under the Emergency Planning and Community right-to-Know Act (epcra facilities must report their toxic chemical releases for the prior calendar year to epa by july 1 of each year. The pollution Prevention Act also requires facilities to submit information on pollution prevention and other waste management activities of tri chemicals. Nearly 22,000 facilities submitted tri data for calendar year 2015. The tri national Analysis website includes new interactive features such as an automated flipbook depicting how the tri program has evolved over the past 30 years, and a new embedded dashboard that allows users to build customized visualizations of tri data by a chemical. These features are intended to promote more user engagement and exploration of tri data.


Gov, hawaii: A total of 32 Hawaii facilities reported seven million pounds of production-related chemicals. Joint Base pearl Harbor-Hickam and Hawaiian Electric Company in Kahe point were the top two facilities for on-site and off-site releases. Hawaiis total releases (both on-site and off-site) were.5 million pounds. For detailed Hawaii information and the list of the top facilities, please visit:. Gov, territory highlights: America samo a: In 2015, American Samoa total releases were 59,000 and pounds from one facility, star Kist Samoa. For detailed American Samoa information, please visit:. Gov, commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands: A total of eight facilities reported 4,900 pounds of toxic chemical releases during 2015, a decrease of more than 10,000 pounds compared to 2014 data. Mariana Acquisition Corps saipan Terminal, a petroleum bulk terminal, and Mobil Oil Mariana Islands saipan Terminal were the top two facilities for on-site and off-site releases.

southwest annual report

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Asarco llc ray complex/Hayden Smelter and Freeport-McMorans miami mine were the top two facilities for total on-site and off-site releases. Arizonas total releases (on-site and off-site) were.5 million pounds. For detailed Arizona information and the list of the top facilities, filsafat please visit:. Gov, nevada: travel A total of 141 nevada facilities reported 504.8 million pounds of production-related chemicals. Newmont Mining Corporations Twin Creeks Mine in Folconda and Robinson nevada mining Company were the top two facilities for total on-site and off-site releases. Nevadas total releases (both on-site and off-site) were 323.5 million pounds. For detailed nevada information and the list of the top facilities, please visit:.

Its crucial for communities to have access to this valuable data and year-to-year trends. In the tri, a release generally refers to a chemical that is emitted to the air, water, or placed in some type of land disposal unit. Most of these releases are subject to a variety of regulatory requirements designed to limit human and environmental harm. Pacific southwest highlights: California: A total of 1,242 California facilities reported 334.7 million pounds of production-related chemicals, a decrease of 233.8 million pounds when compared to 2014 data. Clean Harbors in Buttonwillow and Chemical Waste management in Kettleman City were the top two facilities for total on-site and off-site releases. Californias total releases (on-site and off-site) were.2 million pounds. For detailed California information and the list of the top facilities, please visit:. Gov, arizona: A total of 264 Arizona facilities reported 145.7 million pounds of production-related chemicals in 2015.

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southwest annual report

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See using Libpas for instructions about the use and function of the electronic form. An email was sent to all library and system directors in early december that included login information and links. All subsequent email updates I received have been made to libPAS. Any director who did not receive the december 4 email from with the subject 2014 Annual Report: Libpas login and information should contact me as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Jamie mcCanless at (608). Wispublib, december 29, 2014. January 12, 2017,.

Epa releases Annual Toxic Release Inventory report for Pacific southwest. Data available for Arizona, california, nevada, hawaii and Pacific Territories. San francisco — today, the. Environmental Protection Agency released its annual Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) National Analysis, which shows releases of toxic chemicals into the air fell -2015. Of the over 443 million pounds that were disposed of or otherwise released to the environment in the pacific southwest Region, approximately 94 percent went to land, 3 percent to air, less than 1 percent to water, and 2 percent was transferred to other facilities. In 2015, nearly 1,700 facilities submitted data to epas Toxic Release Inventory in the pacific southwest region, said Alexis Strauss, epas Acting Regional Administrator for the pacific southwest.

Youth Services Definitions and Examples. Information about ys-related data included in the annual report. Worksheet of all Libpas data entry fields for compiling necessary information in advance of entering data online. Instructions for using the libpas online reporting system to complete data entry forms, including organization, navigation, data entry, report submittal. For guidelines on the information to be entered on the form, see instructions for the Annual Report.

As required by wis. 43.58(6 c this file is provided so library boards that choose not to respond online may forward their statement directly to the division. The libpas 2014 annual report collection will be opened for use the week of January. The actual date will depend on when I receive prefill data from the systems. For reliable results, use a recent version of a popular Web browser (the application has been tested with Internet Explorer 8, firefox, Chrome, and Safari). To print annual report forms, you will need pdf reader software such as Adobe reader.

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Beyond that, they hope to scale this model by offering services to other nonprofits in thesis the community. According to silver, expanding truly affordable housing in this way has a multiplier effect on the local economy. We all have fundamental needs that allow us resume to make our lives better, silver said. Stable housing is at the core, because it establishes our place in a community and allows us to pursue our dreams. These support documents for the fy 2014 Public Library Annual Report are now online and linked from : Whats New. A description of changes made to public library data being collected for fy 2014. Instructions for the Annual Report. Includes current descriptions of annual report data elements.

southwest annual report

In this case, the investors would be proposal local residents and the purpose would be to provide quality, affordable homes in Clark county. Additionally, the housing Initiative is ditching profit-driven models for mission-driven property ownership and management. By removing the need for profit, privately financing the projects and accepting contributions of land and other assets, mission-driven entities can better control construction and ownership costs. Working in this way, entities like the housing Initiative will rent units at 70 percent of fair market value or below. As for the finished homes, they provide more than just a roof overhead, because where people live is also a vital indicator of health outcomes. Addresses determine who can catch public transit, get fresh produce at grocery stores, find jobs with living wages and send their kids to good schools. Thus, an investment in housing becomes an investment in the present and future of our community. Today, silver and his staff are implementing these strategies in the community and are scheduled to start their first housing development in 2017.

Community living Fund. The result: a company called the housing Initiative, a business entity structured in a way that can utilize private market strategies to build affordable homes more sustainably. Private financing allows developers to move more quickly and with fewer restrictions than a traditional government-funded development. As a result of being less expensive to build, property owners incur less debt and can pass savings on to tenants in the form of reduced rents. Our relationship with the community foundation has allowed us to become a catalyst. The staff went beyond writing a check and became a thought partner with us on how to better tackle housing issues. Andy silver, Executive director, Council for the homeless. Social impact investing is one private market tool that the housing Initiative can utilize, which allows conscientious investors to pool funds and finance projects that reap social benefits, as well as modest financial returns.

The same can be said about housing. In order to improve filsafat lives, people first need a place to live. Just ask Andy silver, Executive director of the council for the homeless. Vancouvers housing crunch has made his organizations mission of preventing and ending homelessness more difficult. Silver and his team convene around 50 partner agencies in planning, implementation and advocacy efforts. Up until recently, the council focused on increasing access to rental assistance for people who are homeless. Then our regions recent housing crunch changed everything. As rents quickly rose, more people were left out in the cold. The council decided that ending homelessness was impossible without also addressing the escalating costs of housing.

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Annual Report - how to build the low Fare Airline. A true pioneer in the low fare airline segment, southwest vegetarianism Airlines continues to set the bar. After successfully taking on the challenges of United Shuttle and Continental Lite to own the market, swa decided just to tell the other airlines exactly how to. Commissioned by gsd m partner and Mythos founder, tim McClure, we created Annual Report guidebooks. Knowing the spirit of southwest cannot be duplicated, the first year we provided the blueprint for building a low fare airline. The second, we gave away their secrets of success. Neither report has produced a contender. Easier said than done. . If youre going to teach someone how to fish, its important that they have a fishing pole.

Southwest annual report
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Recognition in the museum of the southwest 's Annual Report. Southwest Energy Efficiency Project utilities, states and localities in the southwest in 2017, thanks in part to the efforts of Sweep. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

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  1. Southwest airlines annual report 2009. Home Annual Reports 2015 Annual Report As a regional community foundation, southwest Initiative foundation sees this in action each day. of Florida weekly was a road trip, consider this column a billboard for the southwest Florida community foundations Annual Report. The heading Risk factors in the companys Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended Dec.

  2. Epa region 9 Pacific southwest 's Annual Environmental Progress Report. Download Our Annual Report Support the community foundation view Our List of Supporters. Southwest Airlines Annual Report Annual Repor southwest airlines annual report.

  3. Annual, toxic Release Inventory, report for Pacific southwest Data available for Arizona, california. support keeps southwest Tech a leader in career and technical education, and the Annual Report details how you are making that happen. Annual report July 1, 2015 June 30, 2016 southwest Iowa families southwest Iowa families, Inc. Exists to provide social and mental.

  4. Annual, report are now online and linked from. Southwest, nova biosphere reserve, annual, report 2016 «. Southwest, nova interactive science Atlas Project will offer a new app to map. January 12, 2017.

  5. Read more about from The community foundation For. Download Our, annual, report foundation for, southwest, washington. Download Our, annual, report, support the community foundation view Our List of Supporters. These support documents for the fy 2014 Public Library.

  6. Annual, report foundation of, southwest, florida fund The United way of lee county Agency Endowment Fund Thomas Edison Regional. Key or eaprep, southwest. Key programs Locations, southwest. Key is nationally accredited by the council on Accreditation.

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