Obesity dissertation

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obesity dissertation

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Alterations in fat distribution were demonstrated in one study in which mice on both true and modified alternate-day fasting diets showed a redistribution of adipose tissue from visceral to subcutaneous depots without altering body weight overall (39). Cardiovascular health four rodent studies that examined the effect of alternate-day fasting on cardiovascular disease were included. In general, rats maintained on an alternate-day fasting regimen lose bodyweight and display reduced blood pressure and heart rate, and improved insulin sensitivity, compared to rats fed ad libitum (28,29,42). Reduced blood pressure was also demonstrated in diabetic rats, proposing that alternate-day fasting can have a preventive effect on the progression of diabetes nephropathy (32).This data is suggesting that intermittent fasting may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, when myocardial infarction was induced in rats maintained on an alternate-day fasting diet, reduced infarction size, improved cardiac function, and increased survival was observed, compared to rats fed ad libitum (24,33,43). More interestingly, the effects on infarction size, survival rates and cardiac function can be observed even if the dietary intervention is induced after the ischemic event, by increasing the expression of angiogenic factors and increased vascularization of the damaged myocardium, proposing a novel non-pharmacological therapy. A possible contributing factor for the cardio protective effects of intermittent fasting is increased levels of adiponectin, a hormone that exhibits both anti-athrogenic and insulin sensitizing effects and has been shown to protect cardiac myocytes against ischemic injury (44,45).

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When an alternate-day fasting diet is implemented, overall calorie restriction and weight reduction occurs in most rodent species, indicating that the restriction on the fasting day isnt compensated fully on feasting days when food is offered ad libitum (18-34). Consequently, alternate-day fasting is a widely used model for studying the effects of calorie restriction in rodent species (15). This however is not a universal finding and numerous studies have reported no alterations in energy intake and body weight (17,35-39). In general, studies using Sprague-dawley and Wistar rats show decreased energy intake and reduced body weights (15,25). However, C57BL/6 mice maintained on the same alternate-day fasting regimen consume similar food quantities in a 48-hour time period and maintain body weights similar to heavy that of mice fed ad libitum (17). The effect of intermittent fasting on body weight thus seems largely dependent on the animal genotype but could also be affected by the age of initiation, with optimal age varying in the various rodent strains (40). Modified alternate-day fasting is one alternative model sometimes used in the intermittent fasting research. In this model, the animals are not completely fasted every other day, but allowed a small energy intake of 15-25 of the daily intake consumed by ad libitum fed animals. Modified alternate-day fasting could allow for better maintenance of body weight than true alternate-day fasting protocols (a complete every other day fast) (30,38). The complete compensation and increased energy intake does not appear to be dependent on the calorie density of the food, since neither a high-fat or low-fat 85 modified alternate-day fasting diet alters body weight compared to ad libitum feeding over a four week period (41). Total body weight however does not reflect alterations in body composition, and there could be changes in lean mass to fat mass ratio or altered fat distribution which of course would not be reflected in the animals body weight alone.

Significance: The study will be important for the understanding of excess caloric intake and note the management of obesity, and identify ways to alter cardiovascular, metabolic and neuronal health. Methods A systematic review of intervention studies in mammals, including humans was performed. PubMed between 19 was searched by use of relevant mesh terms related to the effects of intermittent fasting on excess body weight, energy balance, aging physiology, cardiovascular risk factors, glucose metabolism, tumor physiology and neurodegenerative pathology. For each of the mesh terms, the search process was restricted by use of non-mesh terms such as intermittent fasting, periodic fast, alternate-day fasting and other relevant terms. All terms used are listed in Table. Furthermore, relevant review articles on calorie restriction and intermittent fasting were reviewed for additional relevant studies to include in the review. Studies were included in the review if short term fasting was the primary intervention and studied any of the above mentioned outcomes. Studies that purposely restricted calories in the intermittent fasting group were excluded. Animal trials Energy intake and body composition A total of 36 studies were found.

obesity dissertation

Dissertation, topics on, obesity

Intermittent fasting is a paradigm where periods of juan fasting are cycled with periods of over-eating where subjects are fed ad libitum. Alternate-day fasting, one model of intermittent fasting has been widely used in animal calorie restriction research because it has shown to result in reduced food intake over time and decrease body weight in rats (15). In human trials, intermittent fasting has been shown to be equally effective as daily calorie restriction for causing weight loss in obese subjects (16). While alternate-day fasting leads to calorie restriction over a two-day period in many rodent species, in some strains of mice, the animals managed to compensate for the calorie deficit created on fast days by increasing their intake on feast days twofold and thus keeping the. These mice managed to maintain constant body weight but, interestingly, still acquired some of the health benefits as rats on daily calorie restriction. This lead to the hypothesis that by implementing periods of fasting, one could improve health without deliberately reducing calorie intake. My objective was to review relevant intervention studies on the effects of intermittent fasting on energy balance, cardiovascular risk factors, glucose metabolism, neurodegenerative pathology, tumor physiology and life span.

To further explore the relevance of these findings in rodents on primate health, a study was initiated at the wisconsin National Primate research Center (wnprc) in 1989, studying a 30 calorie restriction in rhesus monkeys (8). The incidence of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and brain atrophy was reduced in animals on the calorie restricted diet compared with monkeys on the control diet. Twenty years into the study, 80 of the calorie restricted animals were still alive, compared with 50 of the control fed animals. The data obtained to date suggest that calorie restriction slows aging in primates and improves health. Calorie restriction in humans is associated with weight loss, reduced inflammation and improved markers for cardiovascular and metabolic health in obeseFormatting Citation (9,10) as well as non-obese (11,12) subjects, proposing a novel therapy for increasing life span. However, adherence to the recommended calorie reduced/low fat diet remains an issue for some people in the long term (13,14). To improve compliance in human subjects, a model in which calories are periodically restricted has been proposed.

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obesity dissertation

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Regularly and review repeatedly abstaining from eating during 12-36 hours per period. It has been hypothesized that the reported beneficial health effects from caloric restriction on excess body weight, cardiovascular risk factors, glucose metabolism, tumor physiology, neurodegenerative pathology and life span can be mimicked by alternating periods of short term fasting with periods of refeeding, without deliberately. Therefore, a systematic review of available intervention studies on intermittent fasting and animal and human health was performed. In rodents, intermittent fasting exhibits beneficial effects including decreased body weight, improved cardiovascular health and glucose regulation, enhanced neuronal health, decreased cancer risk and increased life span some of the effects independent of the effects attributed to calorie restriction alone. The human studies performed to date are generally of low-quality design. Beneficial effects such as weight loss, reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and improved insulin sensitivity have been observed, but conflicting data exists. The potential health promoting effects of intermittent fasting in humans and applicability to modern lifestyle are discussed.

Introduction, calorie restriction and intermittent fasting, almost a century has passed since Osborne and colleagues in 1917 observed that reducing calorie intake in rats increased the animals life span (1). In 1935, Mccay. Were first to describe that calorie restriction deliberately reducing calories without causing malnutrition prolongs mean and maximal lifespan in rats compared with rats fed ad libitum (2). Numerous subsequent studies have confirmed that a calorie restriction of 30 to 60 percent of ad libitum intake increases the life span by similar amounts in a range of organisms including yeast, roundworms and rodents, while simultaneously decreasing or delaying the occurrence of age related. Furthermore, it is suggested that calorie restriction can display beneficial effects in rodent models of various neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, parkinsons and Huntingtons disease (5). Accordingly, overeating is considered a risk factor for the majority of the conditions mentioned above, further supporting the hypothesis that calorie restriction can be beneficial (6,7).

Without hesitation the best online recourse on the topic is my dear friend Martin Berkhans. Martin is the original popularizer of the if method  and has researched the subject extensively. He also helped me get the project started with some pointers and connections.  Whats more, he is a great dude and I made a friend in the process, and that i am very grateful for. He is a guy id share my last beer with. Martin, i know youre reading this so thanks, bud.

Now, grab a (big) cup or coffee and enjoy the read. Your friend, bojan, thesis January 2012, University of Lund by bojan Kostevski. Center for Primary health Care research, lund University, crc, se-205 02 malmö, sweden. Supervised by: Bengt Zöller, Staffan Lindeberg. Examination: Daniel Arvidsson, keywords: intermittent fasting, calorie restriction, obesity, aging, cardiovascular health, glucose metabolism, cancer, neurodegenerative disease. Abstract, an increasing number of animal studies have shown altered markers for health in subjects exposed to intermittent fasting,.

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Im not interested in other people making a quick buck on something that was my life for over a year and giving me a piece of the cake. Finally, after some recent online pressure i decided to give it away for free right here. There is no use in it sitting on my dropbox-account. Please show your appreciation for the enormous work that this required from me, a hyperactive person that normally cant sit for more than 10 minutes. And the fact that you are getting it for free, on a sliver plate, without having to spend 300 nights, bent over scientific papers, pulling your hair out. Share it with your friends the social media buttons are on your left. If you like it, please drop a comment below, let me know. If you want to know more about if id recommend you to buy brad Pilons book. The book, management in my opinion, is not perfect, and I dont agree with all the conclusion drawn in there but it is by far the most complete recourse available for purchase out there with practical implications for anyone interested in the if lifestyle, and.

obesity dissertation

But where do i go next? First, the idea was publication in short a scientific magazine. For many reasons, taking time from becoming a good clinician being the most important, but far from single one, i eventually decided not to go that route. Ambivalentia led me to sit on it for way too long, sharing it only with personal friends and people i respectbut not much more. I just could not decide what I wanted to do with. Since finishing it ive had several offers from various important people wanting to use my paper. The problem was always integrity. This is my baby.

walk to work? I wanted to see what we knew at this point. How much was the subject really studied and what did the evidence say? I finished the work in about one year and the result was awesome. The audience loved. I got my md and felt on top of the world.

I am finally ready to go public. A quick background story, why if? Because for almost a decade Id been interested in the subject. Can we really lose weight, improve health and even live longer by staring at an empty plate every nurse now and then? It was against everything ive learned, in the gym, in bars, even in med school. Seemingly, there was a lot of confirming evidence to be found online, showing amazing body transformations and improved health for many individuals. I spoke with many of those people. wow, to hear the stories was such an inspiration. But from a scientific standpoint the stories were highly biased and not doing much to further improve our knowledge.

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Obesity dissertation
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