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systemverilog inside statement

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Release.0.1 Released The iloader interface is defined in its own header iloader. H as it is not related to lexing so doesn't belong in ilexer. The Scintilla namespace is always active for internal symbols and for the lexer interfaces ilexer4 and idocument. The baan lexer checks that matches to 3rd set of keywords are function calls and leaves as identifiers if not. Baan lexer and folder support #context_on / #context_off preprocessor feature. The c lexer improved preprocessor conformance.

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Fix double tap word selection on Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update. Fix closing writings autocompletion lists on Cocoa for macOS.13 where the window was emptying but staying visible. Fix drawing failure on Cocoa with animated find indicator in large files with macOS.12 by disabling animation. Scite on gtk installs its desktop file as non-executable and supports the common ldlibs make variable. Bug #1989, bug #1990. Scite shows correct column number when caret in virtual space. Scite preserves selection positions when saving with ailing. Spaces and virtual space turned. Release.0.2 Released Fix html lexer handling of Django so that nesting a or django tag inside of a # # Django comment does not break highlighting of rest of file The matlab folder now treats "while" as a fold start. Fix failure on Cocoa with animated find indicator in large files with macOS.13 by disabling animation.13. Fix Cocoa hang when Scintilla loaded from smb share on macOS.13.

Requires Microsoft Visual C 2017.5, gcc 7, Xcode.2 or Clang.0 or newer. Sci_createdocument adds a bytes argument to allocate memory for an initial size. Sci_createloader and sci_createdocument add a documentOption argument to allow choosing different document capabilities. Add SC_documentoption_styles_none option to stop allocating memory for styles. Add sci_getmoveextendsselection to allow applications to add more complex selection commands. Scite resume property mbol allows choosing symbol used for bookmarks. Improve vhdl lexer's handling of character literals and escape characters in strings.

systemverilog inside statement

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Fix building on Mingw/msys to perform file copies and deletions. Scite can match a wider variety of file patterns where is in the middle of the pattern and where there are multiple. A '?' matches any single character. Scite on Windows can execute python scripts directly by name when on path. Scite on Windows Find in Files checks for cancel after every 10,000 lines read so can be stopped on huge files. Scite remembers entered values in lists in more cases for find, replace and find in files. Release.0.3 Released 12 February 2018. Features from C14 and C17 are used more often, with build files now specifying c17, gnu17, c1z, or std:clatest (msvc).

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systemverilog inside statement

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The statically linked version of Scite, sc1, links to this static library. A new file, x, provides the marriage DllMain function required for a stand-alone Scintilla dll. Build and project files should include this file when producing a dll and omit it when producing a static library or linking Scintilla statically. The static_build preprocessor symbol is no longer used. On Win32, direct2D support is no longer automatically detected during build. Disable_D2D may still be defined to remove direct2D features. In some cases, invalid utf-8 is handled in a way that is a little friendlier.

For example, when copying to the clipboard on Windows, an invalid lead byte will be copied as the equivalent iso 8859-1 character and will not hide the following byte. Lexer added for the maxima computer algebra language. Fix hang in lua lexer when lexing a label upto the terminating. Lua lexer matches identifier chains with dots and colons. For rectangular selections, pressing Home or End opinion now moves the caret to the home or End position instead of the limit of the rectangular selection. Fix move-extends-selection mode for rectangular and line selections. On gtk, change lifetime of selection widget to avoid runtime warnings.

Fortran folder understands "change team" and "endteam". Set the last X chosen when sci_replacesel called to ensure macros work when text insertion followed by caret up or down. Bugs fixed in regular expression searches in Scintilla where some matches did not occur in an effort to avoid infinite loops when replacing on empty matches like " and ". Applications should always handle empty matches in a way that avoids infinite loops, commonly by incrementing the search position after replacing an empty match. Scite fixes a bug where replacing " always matched on the first line even when it was an "in selection" replace and the selection started after the line start.

Bug fixed in Scite where invalid numeric properties could crash. Runtime warnings fixed with Scite on gtk after using Find in Files. Scite on Windows find and replace strips place caret at end of text after search. Bug fixed with Scite on macOS where corner debris appeared in the margin when scrolling. Fixed by not completely hiding the status bar so the curved corner is no longer part of the scrolling region. By default, 4 pixels of the status bar remain visible and this can be changed with the statusbar. Minimum.height property or turned off if the debris are not a problem by setting the property. Release.0.4 Released On Win32, the standard makefiles build a libscintilla static library as well as the existing dynamic libraries.

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Crashes fixed on macOS for invalid dbcs pdf characters when dragging text, changing case of text, case-insensitive searching, and retrieving text as utf-8. Regular expression crash fixed on macOS when linking to libstdc. Scite on gtk, when running in single-instance mode, now forwards all command line arguments to the already running instance. This allows "Scite filename -goto:line" to work. Release.0.5 Released Add experimental SC_documentoption_text_large option to accommodate documents larger than 2 GigaBytes. Additional print option SC_print_screencolours prints with the same colours used on screen including line numbers. Scite can read settings in EditorConfig format when enabled with nfig. Edifact lexer adds property l to highlight all UN* segments.

systemverilog inside statement

Indic_gradient and indic_gradientcentre indicator types added. Indic_gradient starts with a specified colour and alpha at top of line and fades to fully transparent abroad at bottom. Indic_gradientcentre starts with a specified colour and alpha at centre of line and fades to fully transparent at top and bottom. Wrap indent mode sc_wrapindent_deepindent added which indents two tabs from previous line. Indicators are drawn for line end characters when displayed. Most invalid bytes in dbcs encodings are displayed as blobs to make problems clear and ensure something is shown. On Cocoa, invalid text in dbcs encodings will be interpreted through the single-byte macRoman encoding as that will accept any byte. Diff lexer adds styles for diffs containing patches.

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Ragnar Højland, christian Obrecht, andreas neukoetter, adam Gates. Steve lhomme, ferdinand Prantl, jan Dries, markus Gritsch. Tahir Karaca, ahmad Zawawi, laurent le tynevez, walter Braeu. Ashley cambrell, garrett Serack, holger Schmidt, activestate. James Larcombe, alexey yutkin, jan Hercek, richard Pecl. Ream, valery kondakoff, smári McCarthy, clemens Wyss. Simon Steele serge.

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Scintilla and Scite, contributors, thanks to all the people that have contributed patches, bug reports and suggestions. Source code and documentation have been contributed. Atsuo ishimoto, mark hammond, francois le coguiec, dale nagata. Ralf reinhardt, philippe Lhoste, andrew McKinlay, stephan. Hans Eckardt, vassili bourdo, maksim Lin, robin Dunn. John Ehresman, steffen goeldner, deepak. DevelopMentor, yann gaillard, aubin paul. Jason diamond, ahmad baitalmal, paul Winwood, maxim Baranov.

Systemverilog inside statement
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  6. History of Scintilla and Scite contributors Thanks to all the people that have contributed patches, bug reports and suggestions.

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