Mobile wimax thesis

Wimax, network simulator, thesis

mobile wimax thesis

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Their advantages and disadvantages are listed below. Figure.4 shows these feeding methods Microstrip feed In this technique, it is easy to match the attachment position by calibrating. The fabrication is not hard, but when the substrate thickness increases, surface waves and fake feed radiation increase as well. Figure.4 (a) coaxial Probe feed This type is easy to fabricate and has low spurious radiation, it is difficult to model accurately, and it has narrow bandwidth of impedance matching. Figure.4 (b) Aperture coupling (no contact) Both sides of ground plane are occupied; one with feed line and the other one with radiating patch. Coupling aperture is in the ground plane and has low fake radiation. It is hard to get good matching, and it has a narrower bandwidth. Figure.4 (c) Proximity coupling (no contact) This type is the opposite of the aperture coupling type, where microstrip feed line and radiating patch are on the same side of the ground plane.

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(a) Top view (b) Side view Figure.1. Microstrip antenna, (a) top view (b) side view Figure.2. Effect of relative permittivity on S11 for (a) ε.15 Rogers ro 3006 and (b) ε.2 Rogers ro microstrip Antenna types The msa came in many different shapes: rectangular, square, circular, triangular, etc. The rectangular msa is mainly considered as patch antenna. However, the types like square, rectangular, dipole (strip and circular are the most common ones. Where the ease of analysis, fabrication and good performance characteristics are considered, these types are widely used. Figure.3 shows these types. 4 22 Figure.3. 2.4 feeding Methods essay There points are a lot of feeding methods that can be used for microstrip antenna. Four methods will be described, which are considered as the most famous methods.

On the other hand, narrow bandwidth and women spurious feed radiation, low efficiency, low power and very narrow frequency bandwidth are the disadvantages of microstrip antenna. 2.2 Construction and geometry microstrip antennas are mostly thin metallic patches of diverse shapes etched on dielectric substrates of height h figure e thickness of thin radiating patch (t λ 0, where λ 0 is the free-space wavelength the metallic strip (patch) occupied a small. The microstrip antennas (msa s) are suitable in the ghz range (f.5 ghz). For frequencies lower than this, the problem of large dimensions will appear. The substrate with height h comes with various relative permittivity ε r and the range is (2.2 ε r 12). From Figure.2, it can be said that when the value ε r increased, the resonant frequency decreased. The 3 21 substrates that are most desirable for good antenna performance are thick ones, whose dielectric constant is in the lower end of the range because they provide better efficiency.

mobile wimax thesis

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Chapter five is about discussing how the thesis results in such a design in practice, and essay deals with software data. 2 20 chapter 2 microstrip antenna.1 a history and Definition of Microstrip Antenna In the early 1970s, microstrip antennas got more interest than before; however, it had first appeared in the 1950s. Nowadays, they are widely used for government and commercial applications. The availability of good substrate with low loss tangent and attractive thermal and mechanical properties make these antennas develop rapidly. The low profile (small occupation space) is the most important parameter in such antennas. For example, in mobile and other wireless communications, there is a space for a couple of millimeters. Furthermore, the ease of its fabrication and its low cost and capability of dual and triple band operations make microstrip antenna very important. These points are considered as advantages of microstrip antennas.

Thus, these two standards are generally known as fixed wimax and mobile wimax. The thesis goal is to design dual band micro-strip patch antenna to operate in two wimax bands, where some countries use.5 ghz and some use 5 ghz. The proposed antenna has been designed as two t-shape slots with quarter wavelength matching technique. Antenna simulation is done by hfss software. Due to some obstacles, another antenna has been designed and fabricated, which is named as Single Slot dual Band Microstrip Antenna. This thesis includes five chapters, starting from basic information about wireless technology in Chapter One. Chapter Two covers microstrip patch antenna structure, design and behavior. Simulation of the proposed antenna has been introduced in Chapter Three. Chapter four is written in order to give an ideal result for fabricated antenna and compare those results with simulated one from the previous chapter.

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mobile wimax thesis

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The text messaging had been introduced in order to give the customer more services and facilities. Apart from 1g, it uses digital signals, such as edge (Enhanced Data rate for Global evolution which is assigned to provide good internet speed and bandwidth. After that series of development were done, new services and applications appeared which were also considered as the backbone of the progress in the area. The ip devices make the technologies mentioned above too weak to tackle the new challenges, so the Third Generation (3 rd G) had acquired the internet service with high speed. At the present time, the fourth Generation (4 th G) is the latest technology in this field, which is the use of ofdm (Orthogonal Frequency division Multiple Access Technique so that this division technique gives 4 th g applications a higher bandwidth. Wimax (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave access) is one of the latest wireless technologies.

This technology can be used in numerous number of applications: the broadband services such as voice over ip (voip) is one of these applications. Wimax can be a hot topic these days, it can solve the problem of unsatisfied infrastructure for wired services in remote areas or rural areas where large coverage is needed, and there is less population than big prayer cities. The wimax is defined in two categories: fixed wireless and mobile. The fixed version, known as d-2004, was designed to be a replacement or supplement for broadband 1 19 cable access or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). A recent version, the fixed wireless application, can be supported by e-200; the roaming through the base station is also allowed.

Words cannot express how grateful i am to my mother; your prayer for me was what sustained me thus Far, mum. Father, sisters and brothers have given me their frank support throughout this work, as always, for which my unpretentious expression of thanks does not suffice as well. In addition, i would like to thank my wife, who supported me in writing, and incited me to strive towards my goal. Also i hope this thesis will be at reasonable contribution to human being in particular, and for technology in general. Vii 9 Table of Contents plagiarism. Vii table of contents.

Viii list of tables. Xi list of figures. Xii list of abbreviations. Introduction wireless technology microstrip antenna microstrip antenna history and definition Construction and geometry microstrip antenna types feeding methods Microstrip feed coaxial probe feed. 5 viii.4.3 Aperture coupling Proximity coupling msa analysis (Transmission Line model) Transmission Line model Width Length Ground planes Bandwidth Radiation pattern gain Directivity return Loss The voltage Standing wave ratio wimax band Examples of Microstrip Antennas for Wimax Technology l-slot Rectangular Microstrip Patch. Table.1 Wimax current licensed and unlicensed bands Table.1 Wimax current and future licensed and un-licensed bands Table.2 Effect of changing slot dimension Table.3 Effect of changing slot position Table.4 Effect of changing the feed line width Table.1 Comparison between. With respect to the history of mobile communication generations, the first Generation (1 st G) that employed it was in the beginning of 80s when one could make a voice call. In the second Generation (2 nd g the demand for services was more than just calling.

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Özet olarak söz konusu anten simüle edilmiş ve üretilmiştir. V 7 to my grandmother soul, Allah report Mercy be up on you, vi 8 acknowledgment all praise is for the almighty Allah for blessing, protecting and guiding me throughout this thesis. Without the faith in almighty Allah, i could not be able to finish and success in my work. I would like to express great thanks, deep gratitude and I have pleasure to do that, to all people who supported me throughout my work, and they have important contribution in making this thesis possible. I would like to express my profound sense of reverence to my supervisors and promoters Assoc. Elif Uray aydin and Asst. Alparslan çağrı yapıcı, for their help and guidance during this study. Really, they were so cooperative, and they encouraged me to continue my thesis and improve myself. A special thanks to my family.

mobile wimax thesis

Elif Uray aydın Ortak tez yöneticisi Prof. Alparslan çağrı yapıcı haziran 2014, visit 47 sayfa günümüzde iletişimde, mobil iletişim, uydu navigasyonu, internethizmetleri, otomobiller ve radarlargibi farklı alanlarda antenler birçok uygulamada kullanılmaktadır. Özellikle de mikroşerit antenler kullanılmaktadır çünkü bu tür antenler düşük profilli, hafif, ve düşük kuvvetle çalışabilme özelliklerine sahiptirler. Bu tür antenlerin dezavantajlarını ortadan kaldırmak için özel malzemelerin kullanılması ve şeklinde modifikasyona gidilmesi sağlanabilir. Çift polarizasyon ve çift bant uygulaması durumunda, mikro şerit antenler iyi bir itibara sahiptirler. Bu tez, antenin temel olarak wimax baz istasyonu sinyali için kullanılmasının amaçlandığı wimax uygulaması ieee e-2005 çift bantlı antenlerin sağlamasına yönelik bir tasarımı sunmaktadır. Antenin tasarım parametreleri iletim hattı modeli kullanılarak hesaplanmıştır ve hfss elektromanyetik yazılım Sonlu Elemanlar Modeline (FEM) dayalı olan simülasyon süreci için kullanılmıştır. Bu çalışmadaçift bant anten yamanın üst kısmına eklenen bir slot ile tasarlanmıştır. Başlangıçta çift beslemeli bir anten fikrine çok fazla ilgili duyulsa da eşleştirme sorunu bu antenin simülasyonunun yapılmasını ve antenin gerçekleştirilmesini zorlaştırmaktadır.

getting dual band antennas for Wimax application ieee e-2005, where the antenna is mainly intended for reception of Wimax base station signal. The design parameters of the antenna have been calculated using the transmission line model, and hfss electromagnetic software has been used for the simulation process, which is based on Finite Element Method (FEM). In this work, the dual band antenna is designed by a slot being added to the top of the patch. In the beginning, the idea of dual feed antenna enjoyed a considerable attention, but the problem of matching makes the simulation and realization of this antenna a little hard. In summary, the antenna has been simulated and fabricated. Iv 6 öz wimax Uygulaması için Çift Bantlı tek slotlu mikroşerit Yamal' Anten Yahya. Mansour yüksek lisans, Elektrik elektronik mühendisliği bölümü tez yöneticisi: doç.

Based on these rules and conduct, i have fully cited and referenced all material and results that are not original to this work. Name, last name: Yahya entiefa mansour Signature: iii 5 abstract single Slot dual Band Microstrip Antenna for Wimax Application Yahya. S., Electrical Electronics Engineering Department Supervisor: Assoc. Elif Uray aydın co-supervisor: buy Asst. Alparslan çağrı yapıcı june 2014, 47 pages In the present-time communication, antennas cover a wide range of applications in different areas, such as mobile communication, satellite navigation, internet services, automobiles and radars. Especially they are applied to microstrip antennas, because of its characteristics like low profile, lightweight and low power handling capacity. However, gain and bandwidth are sometimes low and not sufficient in most of applications.

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1 single slot dual band microstrip antenna for wimax applicatioastehesis warming in Electrical electronics Engineering Atilim University by yahya entiefa mansour june 2014 2 single slot dual band microstrip antenna for wimax applicatiohesis submitted to the graduate school of natural and applied sciences of atilim university. Brahim Akman Director I certify that this thesis satisfies all the requirements as a thesis for the degree of Master of Science. Elif Uray aydın head of Department This is to certify that we have read the thesis single slot dual band microstrip antenna for wimax application submitted by yahya entiefa mansour and that in our opinion it is fully adequate, in scope and quality,. Parslan çağrı yapıcı co-supervisor Assoc. Elif Uray aydın Supervisor Examining Committee members Assoc. Elif Uray aydın Asst. Alparslan çağrı yapıcı Assoc. Nursel akçam Date: June 03,2014 4 I declare and guarantee that all data, knowledge and information in this document has been obtained, processed and presented in accordance with academic rules and ethical conduct.

Mobile wimax thesis
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  2. In this thesis, an in-depth study of the handover effects of mobile wimax networks is carried out. Single slot dual band microstrip antenna for. Wimax, applicatioaster s, thesis, in Electrical electronics Engineering Atilim.

  3. We have a team of well trained develope. Handover performance in the. Mobile wimax, networks yongxueyu.

  4. Mobile wimax ) in ofdm physical layer 1 mee09:56 Performance evaluation of ieee 802.16e (. Mobile wimax ) in ofdm physical layer gazi faisal Ahmed Jubair Muhammad Imran Hasan. Thesis, is Presented As Part Of the degree of Master of Electrical Engineering Blekinge Institute of Technology. Wimax, network simulator, thesis is rendered by our concern for scholars, who aid for external.

  5. Mobile wimax and High-Speed Packet. He specialized in telecommunication systems and wrote his Master. Thesis on mobility management issues in wireless broadband. Performance evaluation of ieee 802.16e (.

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