Essay on drugs in malayalam

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essay on drugs in malayalam

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From the official government website. 2) vismayam, offers a collection of Malayalam songs. Include Old Malayalam Songs, Classical, Drama, karaoke, devotional songs, folks Songs etc. 3) m, provides, hindi, tamil, malayalam, telugu new and old songs collections. Are drugs a curse in society? In our generation, we have access to an array of drugs on a scale never before seen by humankind. Most people, when you mention drugs, tend to think immediately of street and recreational drugs, such as heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana.

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Apart from classical music, other popular genres include, film songs, visit pop, rock, hip-hop, folk music etc. Composers like illayaraja and ehman have contributed significantly in the development of Malayalam music. They have also introduced the concept of fusion music which involves mixing classical and western elements. Other popular music celebrities include, alex paul, rahul Raj, Shankar Raja, vidyasagar, Alphonse, bijibal, george peter, vishwajith and. Jayachandran, jayachandran, Pradip Somasundaran, mano, s janaki, madhu balakrishnan and kj yesudas etc. Directory of Malayalam Music, songs, mp3 downloads. These are sites cultural music resources which offer free malayalam songs, new releases, free malayalam mp3, movie songs, cultural folk songs, tribal music, malayalam music downloads online, lyrics databases etc. Some music sites offer them free while some may charge a small fee to register to download their songs or mp3s. Always read their terms conditions. Feel free to suggest us good, clean song legal music resources. 1 learn about Malayalam folk music and songs of Kerala.

Though, malayalam music is slightly influenced from carnatic music yet it has its own flavor and water uniqueness. Keralas classical music is Sopana. These classical songs often have emotional theme which is played using slow tempo. Classical music was always patronized in ancient kerala. Main propagators of Malayalam music were Swati Thirunal, Shadkala govinda marar and Irayimman Thampy. Tampi, thankachi and. Kesava pillai were other renowned figures in last century. The most common instruments used in classical music are, chenda, villu, para, kinnam, talam, kudam, chengala, kuzhal and veena to name a few.

essay on drugs in malayalam

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They feel drug consumers of today would be educated users choosing a drug suitable for their desired effects. In conclusion it seems apparent that the risks of legalizing drugs certainly outweigh the benefits in fact each benefit has a substantial chance of failing. Until a universal plan can be devised one that can satisfy anti-prohibitionists as well thesis as pro-prohibitionists it is clear that drugs will continue to be illegal. While the majority of citizens view legalization as a bad thing no laws will change; there simply wont be enough support to back the effort to change them. The risk of a drug-addicted violent unsafe community strikes fear in everyone it strikes enough fear to keep drugs illegal that is the way it is going to stay. Malayalam songs belong to state of kerala, in the southern part of the country. Like keralas magnificent landscapes, picturesque beauty and tempting backwaters, malayalam songs are also equally beautiful and soothing.

Controlled legalization calls for the legalization of drugs in a restricted manner: no sales to minors a control over potency a system of taxation etc. First controlled legalization calls for a form of government control to restrict the sale of drugs. Second controlled legalization would lead to a reduction in crime/violence due to a change in law. Crime would diminish because addicts would not have to hustle to keep themselves supplied. Murders associated with drug trafficking would diminish as lower cost legal drugs drive the traffickers out of business. Third and last controlled legalization allows personal choice as the significant factor in determining drug use not availability potency or price. Those fighting to legalize drugs argue that addiction rates would not reach such extreme levels because most consumers will prefer lower-potent drugs compared to the more powerful mixtures that have virtually consumed the market under prohibition. Supporters for an end to drug prohibition also point out that past wide spread addiction was caused primarily by ignorance not a desire to get high.

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essay on drugs in malayalam

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Lets quit wasting money and finally get some results. The legalization of drugs; a risk not worth taking. Arguments concerning the repeal of the 18th amendment drug prohibition have night not changed much over the last seventy years; the questions are the same the concerns are the same and the policy is the same; the way it should. Both sides are in a constant battle over the legality of drugs: Proponents of drug prohibition insist that the effects on society would be disastrous- wide-spread addiction increased crime opponents of drug prohibition insist that drug legalization would allow society to prosper potency control crime. Even when considering the possible prosperity of society the uncertainty that is linked with such a drastic change is overwhelming. Ending drug prohibition is not worth the risk. Proponents for drug prohibition have one good reason to think that the current policies concerning drug prohibition are good ones: in their eyes no one has been able to provide anything resume better.

If drugs were made legal the first thing that would happen is wide spread addiction will occur. Millions of people will become addicted due to the legal availability of drugs. With addiction rates at such high levels it is safe to conclude that violence would follow. Secondly the price of drugs will decrease due to the ease of obtaining them. The cheaper a drug is the more it will be used the more it is used the more addicts there will be the more addicts there are the more crime there. While a reduction in violent crimes may occur the rate of over-all crime would very likely to rise in connection with the legalization of drugs. One proposition by supporters for the legalization of drugs is controlled legalization.

Whether its covert military operations, or major military strikes, force from our military is needed if we are to win the war on drugs. The drug issue has been so important in national politics, and if we are willing to throw away tons of money and see no results, we might as well go in and actually get something accomplished. The international community would certainly condemn our actions, but besides that, they would do nothing. We are the only superpower in the world today, and no country would take any action against. Our government and military have done many things in the past that the international community has condemned, but no further action has been taken.

The fact of the matter is that no one in the world today defies us, except certain Middle east countries, and no would take serious action against us for going in and destroying criminals that corrupt and destroy many peoples lives. The use of military force is needed if we are going to win the war on drugs. Why throw away so much money if we arent willing to get positive results. Our current drug policies to diminish demand and cut back on supply are failing. These are the same policies weve used in the past, and things have gotten worse. If our government really wants to accomplish something, we need to go in and show the cartels and the international community that we are dead serious about our stance on narcotics, and that drug criminals will be dealt with the utmost severity.

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Cutting down pdf the supply would be much easier if we had the cooperation of foreign governments. Unfortunately, most of these governments are unwilling to fully aide us, and many are corrupt and help the cartels. These cartels have more money than the. Government is willing to spend on ending the narcotics trade. This creates a major problem because these foreign governments would rather take money from drug lords instead of our government. Realistically, without the complete cooperation of these foreign governments, we cant diminish the supply unless we go in and use force ourselves. On thesis many instances, we have trained groups from these foreign countries on how to forcefully take out these cartels. Obviously this policy is also failing, and it is our best forceful option besides our military going in and doing it themselves.

essay on drugs in malayalam

The biggest problem with using this method is that by involving the. Military, we are basically declaring war and using force that will no doubt create international outrage against the. We would be violating international law by using force against sovereign nations that we arent at war with. This policy calls for attacking criminals of the. Within the borders of other nations, a clear gay violation of international law. Not only would there be strong criticism from these certain nations, but the international community would be furious. These drug cartels are criminals of the. Though, and they are in direct violation of our law.

our current policies are clearly failing. The best solution to this is very harsh, but it needs to be done. Government is willing to spend a significant amount of money on this issue, then we have to be willing to rely on a solution that will lead to positive results. The only course of action that can accomplish the goal of significantly reducing the supply of narcotics is to target the cartels themselves by using the. Military in some form. By using our military, we can directly target the supply problem by destroying narcotics before they even leave the factory. If you take the drug war directly to the cartels, they will have no choice but to back down.

To prevent the supply of illegal drugs from increasing, the government has relied on strict boarder patrols along Mexico, the. Coast guard, the cooperation of foreign governments, and several. Agencies designed to locate and aid in eliminating drugs. This policy on decreasing the supply is also failing. It is probably easier now for drug traffickers than ever before. It is clear that the current. Policy on drugs is failing vietnamese and that a new policy is needed.

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Foreign Policy On counter-Narcotics Essay, research Paper. Foreign Policy on counter-Narcotics. One of the biggest problems in the United States today is the widespread use of narcotics. Currently, the United States has a very stern policy regarding the use, distribution, and trafficking of drugs. However, it is clear that the current. Policy is failing, and the supply of illegal drugs as well as the demand is increasing. Government has focused for years on dealing with the demand aspect of this issue. Through government programs directed towards education and national awareness of the harm that drugs cause, the government has been attempting to severely reduce the demand for narcotics. In all actuality, the demand may be higher now than ever before.

Essay on drugs in malayalam
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  1. Although there is a huge war on drugs, some people still use drugs every day. Though, malayalam music is slightly influenced from carnatic music yet it has its own flavor and uniqueness. April 19, 2015 by admin comments Off on, download, malayalam songs music.

  2. Essay, drugs, should not be legalized I remember when. Note This essay can be translated to other languages such as Hindi, bengali, gujarati, kannada, kashmiri, maithili, malayalam, meithei, marathi. Drugs, the American Trend, essay.

  3. The stoner lobby would like us all to believe that Legalization day is just around the corner and the momentum for an end to the war on drugs is irresistibly aint, and this ap story (h/t ny times) helps explain why. The fda has been slow to tighten controls over one of the most even legalizing the harder drugs. Essay, paper on, public health Service aspects of Breast Cancer. Drug Legalization, essay, research Paper 4/27/97 Ethics.

  4. Expository, essay on, drugs. If you count the cost, it is clear that the use of drugs in society has positive results. Capital Punishment 3, essay. Currently, the United States has a very stern policy regarding the use, distribution, and trafficking of drugs.

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